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What's Your Strategy to Win Consumers' "Moments of Truth"?

Recently I read a remarkable document from Netflix aimed at investors, titled “Netflix Long Term View.”And the fact that the phrase “long term” was in a document from a public company was only one remarkable piece of the story.A key chunk in the...

Posted April 26, 2013    

What Do You Want Consumers to Talk About?

We spend oodles of time watching the ratings, minimizing tune-outs, hoping that this or that stray PPM panelist blesses us with her proximity to a radio. We obsess on consistency and on delivering on whatever promise we wish our brands to make.And...

Posted April 24, 2013    

What Happens When You Focus on “Fans”?

“Fans, not just Listeners.”That was the theme of a national conference of show and digital producers for Southern Cross Austereo, Australia’s leading media and entertainment company.What happens to your strategies when your focus is on fans...

Posted November 23, 2012    

What if Digital for Radio is a Profit-Enabler, not a Profit-Center?

I came across an interesting opinion recently in a Fast Company piece called “Why VCs Still Love Social Media” in spite of legendary roadblocks to monetization:If monetization is such a problem, why do VCs keep investing in social media? At [VC firm...

Posted September 11, 2012