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4 Keys to Linking Customers and Brand Purpose

I honestly can’t remember how I came to see this video. It features Katy Woodrow-Hill, the head of planning at Dare, describing her top four tips on becoming a ‘doing’ brand. But I thought the ideas were well worth repeating here.I have amended the...

Posted April 11, 2014    

The Vital Difference Between Brand And Identity

Are there such things as brands in much of the Government sector? I don’t think there are. That’s a good thing. And here’s why. I believe brands fundamentally require a competitive environment in which to actually work. I’m sure there’s an economic...

Posted December 31, 2013    

The Drivers of Brand Storytelling Strategy

Customers own the story of the brand now. What brands say is far less important than what brands actually do to serve the well being of the faithful. Whereas before, the brand conversation was based on delivery and interruption, successful brand...

Posted January 14, 2013