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How to Be a Local Search Superhero [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it: most local business owners and marketers don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to digital marketing. Time is precious, so learning the nuances and technicalities of digital marketing just doesn’t seem like a practical endeavor for many...

Posted December 18, 2013    

3 Ways To Get More Facebook Engagement By Using Photos

Several months ago, I realized our Facebook page was, well, kind of bad. Sure, we had optimized the page, added a Timeline photo and were posting regularly. But we weren’t getting the kind of engagement required to help our page realize its full...

Posted November 22, 2012    

Maximize Landing Page Exposure to Get the Most out of Inbound Marketing

Make sure your landing pages are long on exposure, like this photograph. (sorry)As an inbound marketer, your campaign will go only as far as your landing pages take it. While crafting a landing page with compelling copy, an enticing offer and a...

Posted October 27, 2012    

A Lesson on Hiring a Social Media Manager from the Cathryn Sloane Firestorm

A couple weeks ago, a young blogger by the name of Cathryn Sloane took to the web to express her frustration in the fact that many job postings for social media managers called for five to ten years of experience. She went on to argue that people...

Posted August 5, 2012