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Top 7 Chrome Extensions for Content Managers

Fellow Social Media Today contributor Courtney Kettmann shared with the community her "Top Ten Chrome Extensions for Community Managers". Building upon that list here are 7 must have Chrome Extensions for Content Managers.Google Chrome certainly...

Posted December 3, 2012    

Creating Employee Buy-in for Social Media Marketing

Convincing management of the need for a social media strategy and its implementation can be hard enough as it is, but when that strategy also needs the direct support of the employees through their accounts it can be even harder to implement....

Posted September 26, 2012    

Using Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Not too long ago a reader asked me how to use Instagram hashtags within a social strategy. Well even before she asked me that question I was thinking of a bigger question: In which ways can a marketer use Instagram in social media marketing?Here are...

Posted September 3, 2012