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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Social Media Management Program in 2014

As we’re wrapping up 2013, we look back at the strategies that are working for the business and brands. Businesses have invested in social media management programs and have been seeing returns for their investment in the form of branded social...

Posted December 12, 2013    

The NSA PRISM Scandal and What It Means for You

This is not a post I relish making, but I feel it’s important that we talk about the NSA scandal here. The wide reaching repercussions not only affect how the business of social media marketing (this blog’s onus) is conducted. It affects everyone...

Posted June 11, 2013    

Twitter header image: How one picture can make all the difference

  IntroductionIf you haven’t tried it yet, you need to make careful consideration of adding a header image to your Twitter profile. Much like the Cover Photo on Facebook Timeline Pages, the header image injects a much needed amount of...

Posted October 22, 2012