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Ron Burgundy and Dodge: Things Every Marketer Should Learn

If you haven't seen fictional anchorman Ron Burgundy try to sell some Dodge Durangos, you should spend a little bit more time on YouTube. The videos are ridiculous and awesome. There are more than 70 spots featuring the San Diego anchorman--of...

Posted December 5, 2013    

Video SEO: How It Failed and Succeeded

In early 2012 we tried an experiment. We did some research that indicated the quickest way to get SEO traffic for a new website was in the realm of video SEO. Google returns video results in the top 10 frequently. These videos are always much easier...

Posted May 29, 2013    

Marketing Rant: Don't Be a Wuss With Your Email List

Recently I had a conversation with a marketer about email marketing that frustrated and baffled me. I'll explain the situation. Then, I need your comments to let me know if I am crazy or not.It is possible that I am totally and utterly wrong.I was...

Posted April 19, 2013