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Is Blogging Really a Necessary Marketing Tool?

Your customers and prospects encounter content every day. Some of it good, most of it is forgotten immediately. It is your job to make sure that your business content is remembered and has a positive impact on your customers.A great way to do this...

Posted December 18, 2013    

Enhance Your MOFU: 10 Ways to Advertise on Social Media

Social media advertising is a great way to enhance the reach of your brand message and to help influence prospects at the evaluation, or middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU), stage of the buying cycle. Interestingly, Facebook’s marketing plan for advertisers...

Posted May 7, 2013    

Use Video Marketing for Sales and ROI Boost

Let’s talk sales and how video marketing can work for your brand or organization. Why Video Marketing WorksI consult with companies regarding their Marketing and Sales efforts on a weekly basis. During many of these conversations, I might refer...

Posted April 3, 2013    

The Best Branded Content of the Week: December 15, 2012

This week, the best branded content has a little bit of everything. From superheroes to talented dogs, brands are pulling out all the stops to create interesting and innovative content to entice their audiences.Mini Cooper – Driving DogsGoing for...

Posted December 15, 2012    

Mobile Marketing: It's About Convenience, Simplicity, and Proximity

When I was in school, we were taught to begin any serious analysis, debate, or discussion by first defining terms. Here’s the official definition of mobile marketing, taken from the MMA’s (Mobile Marketing Association) website: Mobile Marketing...

Posted November 21, 2012    

Social Media Marketing: Take Richard Branson’s Word for It

Earlier in 2012, IBM released its 2012 Global CEO Study, a work born from interviews with over 1700 CEOs worldwide. One of the study’s findings revealed that only 16% of CEOs currently participate in social media. That’s not all. For many CEOs,...

Posted October 15, 2012    

Google Patents Search Tool: The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

Have you ever read a news story that makes you go, “Huh?” Such was the case last week when I read a seemingly innocuous story in TechCrunch about Google adding new “prior art” query functionality to its Google Patents search tool. On the same day...

Posted August 23, 2012    

Google Knowledge Graph: Forget HAL 9000; Here Come the Cylons

For some time now, Google’s uber-secretive and appropriately titled “X Laboratory” research center (responsible for such cutting-edge innovations as Google Glasses) has been quietly creating one of the largest artificial intelligences in existence....

Posted July 19, 2012    

How to Use LinkedIn to Create Tight Buyer Personas

Market research can be difficult to come by, so I wrote a post on the benefits of using social media to do market research last week. I'd like to follow up with a how-to guide on using LinkedIn specifically to create buyer personas. Because I am...

Posted July 7, 2012