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Brands Don’t Exist, Only Real People Do

The surprising thing is, Todaymade is made of real people.It’s not as if you didn’t know that, but if you’re like me, you often forget you’re dealing with real people when you’re online. They’re just faceless brands, maybe, because the usual cues (...

Posted February 21, 2014    

It's the Most Terrifying Word You'll Ever Say

It’s just one word.It’s a word that is so loaded with potential misinterpretation that we find lots of other words to use instead.Maybe. Let’s table this for now. We might need to revisit this later. I need to think about this. I’ll get back to you....

Posted September 20, 2013    

Why a Successful Social Media Strategy Is Like A Convertible

 The best social media plan is one that comes from the top down.Top down. That’s how you make the best use out of a convertible, and that’s how you make the best use out of your social media strategy. You might have the greatest social media...

Posted August 31, 2012    

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Awesomesauce

 Online shopping and research is now the norm for a growing number of smartphone users.Mobile traffic on smartphones is up 103%, and there is no reason to believe that it will slow down any time soon. Mobile use is happening in a big way, but...

Posted August 29, 2012    

Social Media Trading Cards: Don’t Be Desperate With Your Social Media Efforts

The Desperado really really wants to be your friend. Is she driving fans away?Online is like offline, really, when it comes to friends. Some are funny, some are always down, some are silent and some are too desperate. What could be worse than...

Posted August 17, 2012    

How To Make Your Customers Die-Hard Brand Evangelists

Good products have good word-of-mouth. Great products have brand evangelists.I recommend a product to friends so much that I’ve almost become a spokesperson. I talk about the product on Twitter and Facebook and in person. I’ve gotten many friends...

Posted August 13, 2012