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Dr. Seuss’s Guide to Twitter for Busy Executives [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top executives that engage in social media can make a remarkable difference. I get the sense that there are a lot of busy executives who in the back of their minds know they should be active on social media, but haven’t yet taken the time to...

Posted March 10, 2014    

Digital: The Gap Between Importance and Performance

  If marketers aren’t able to sleep at night, a study published by Adobe just might offer a reason why: we know digital marketing is important, but we’re not very confident in our ability to execute it effectively.Adobe has a number of...

Posted December 12, 2013    

Reading: Ethos, Pathos and Logos, and Aristotelian PR Primer

A powerful morning sunrise in North Carolina.And in a week in which we poke no matter who the grammar police is.  A grammatically incorrect sentence and two spaces following a period later, we realize at the end of the week we’ve remembered the...

Posted September 18, 2013    

Wall Street's Problem with Content Marketing

Wall Street’s got a problem with content marketing.   Or maybe a better way to frame this conundrum is that content marketing has a problem in Wall Street. That problem is three months long and repeats itself four times a year, every year....

Posted July 9, 2013    

The Many Faces of Social Media Content

In writing, the first rule of thumb is usually audience identification.   That is to say the writer understands his or her audience with respect to content, tone, length and similar attributes.   Social media is similar,...

Posted March 21, 2010