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How to Use Email to Defeat the 3 Horseman of the No Sharing Apocalypse: Inconvenience, Forgetfulness & Busyness

One of the most consistent challenges companies face with content marketing is that they get a lot less engagement than they should for the amount of time and money they’re spending. Why? The Three Horsemen of the No Sharing Apocalypse:...

Posted April 11, 2013    

A Tweet Falls in the Woods: How People See (or Don't) Your Best Posts

Social media managers put their heart, time and energy into finding and creating great content to share online, but often the most important posts aren’t seen by their target audience- or even their most loyal followers. Although great content...

Posted March 18, 2013    

The Science of Social Advocacy: Inspiring Employee and Partner Advocates

Employee advocates are important not just because they are a strong measure of a brand’s strength and trustworthiness, but also because they help a brand amplify their owned media reach and generate earned media. This blog post explains some of the...

Posted February 28, 2013    

When Barbarians Are Inside the Gates: How Customers Choose Who Represents Your Company

McKinsey, the world’s most recognized consulting firm, recently published a report suggesting that there is over $1 Trillion dollars of gains ready to be unlocked by companies that integrate social business software (read McKinsey's report here).The...

Posted February 23, 2013    

You Started a Social Ambassador Program, Now What Will You Talk About?

So, you started a social media ambassador program. You are on your way to the content marketing equivalent of the 6th level of heaven with eyes on the 7th. Your ambassadors will be the butterfly wings that start the hurricane of content sharing that...

Posted February 14, 2013    

Cognitive Dissonance: Why Social Sharing Creates Employee Advocates

“It is contrary to etiquette to yawn in the presence of a king,” the monarch told him. “I forbid you to do so."“I can’t help it,” replied the little prince, thoroughly embarrassed. “I have come on a long journey, and I haven’t slept...” “Ah,...

Posted February 8, 2013