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Who Owns Your Content Online?

Myspace got into hot water last year for deleting years of users’ blog posts before its re-launch. There was uproar from users, and in response Myspace created an export tool to allow them to download their old posts from the site.Were users right...

Posted March 5, 2014    

The Science of Rehearsing a Social Media Crisis

How does the brain respond when faced with a crisis, and how do we overcome our instinct to flee, in order to manage the crisis successfully? Understanding this can help brands successfully rehearse and manage a social media crisis.Fear of failure...

Posted July 29, 2013    

The Legal Pitfalls of Using Photos on Social Media in the UK

Many companies at some point have innocently uploaded a photo on their social media page that they didn’t own, and shouldn’t have used, to the extent that it’s almost been seen as an online cultural norm.But this is changing. As technology gets more...

Posted February 27, 2013    

What's the Appeal of Vine, Twitter's New Video App?

I’ve got to confess two things: 1. I spend a lot of time on Twitter (to be fair, I’m paid to), and 2. I do like a nice, new, easy-to-use toy.So I’m pretty happy about Vine, the new (free) video-sharing app for iPhone / iPod touch which enables users...

Posted January 25, 2013    

The Legal Implications for Brands of Using Pinterest

Several times over the last few months, we’ve been approached by brands (particularly retailers) who are worried about getting involved on Pinterest. They feel they should get involved – it’s the new, shiny social network, and great for visual...

Posted September 3, 2012