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Social Media Marketing: Stop, Start, Succeed

 2013 is the year that social media marketers can finally focus the majority of their efforts on strategy, regardless of budget or team size.  I have held a number of jobs in social marketing, including social media intern, social media...

Posted December 21, 2012    

What Dance Lessons Taught Me About Social Business, Part 2

Earlier this week I explored how to get employees primed to make the switch to a social intranet: building confidence and answering the question "What's in it for me?" Whether you are in the beginning of your journey in adoption or well on your way...

Posted December 10, 2012    

What Dance Lessons Taught Me About Social Business

If you have worked with Jive Software's professional services team, you know that the first thing they will tell you about employee adoption of a social intranet is that you should "rely on intrinsic motivators by helping people understand the...

Posted December 10, 2012    

Beat the Monster: Measure the Success of Your Community

Measurement in social media is perhaps the biggest and nastiest beast that can cause community managers, like me, heartburn.  How do you prove your efforts in crafting a vibrant community have been successful? The metrics necessary to...

Posted November 28, 2012    

How to Care For and Feed Your Community

As one of Jive Software's community managers, I know that growing a sustainable and lively online community requires both care and feeding. Community managers must skillfully cultivate a community to ensure productive conversations. How do we go...

Posted October 26, 2012    

Turning Executives into Social Leaders

When it comes to implementing social initiatives, taking a top-down approach and getting executive involvement is vital to success. But getting executives to consistently participate in social media can be an arduous task. It is essential to train...

Posted September 19, 2012    

7 Steps to Empowering Your Natural Advocates

Natural thought leaders are perhaps the most powerful force shaping opinion within any community. They inform and inspire others because these unofficial emissaries are respected and trusted by their peers. How does a company identify such...

Posted August 18, 2012    

6 Steps to Creating a Social Business

Traditional forms of business communications, such as email, have become clogged with spam and are ill-suited for collaboration. The antiquated file sharing systems of most businesses make it nearly impossible to locate and share information. Social...

Posted August 2, 2012    

6 Obstacles of an Internal Community Manager

The primary role of an Internal Community Manager is to establish and maintain an environment where employees participate fully, becoming actively engaged in contributing and reaping the benefits of collaborating within the online community. To...

Posted August 2, 2012