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Brand Marketing: Making a Mark Effectively

Brand marketing, figuratively speaking, has always been about placing a “stake in the sand.”Literally, this means determining a stance composed of strategy, a slew of tactics and the commitment to stay the course. However in today’s workplace and at...

Posted March 24, 2014    

Holiday Advertising from Coca-Cola

As we all know, any retail brand that doesn’t get on board with holiday advertising is missing out. A lagging year of sales can be more than made up for within the last couple of months with a successful holiday campaign.Since the 1920s, The Coca-...

Posted December 19, 2013    

Instagram: How to Optimize Your Reach

The first thing you see when you visit Instagram’s webpage is their tagline: “Capture and Share the World’s Moments” – which is the purpose for the multi-billion dollar company (now owned by Facebook). What users actually use it for, however, can...

Posted December 2, 2013    

Should You Create a Personal Brand?

Big companies spend lots of money and effort to build their brands. Brands help their products stand out. Microsoft, Walmart, Volkswagen. We get it. We know what they do.But what about building a personal brand. Can building a personal brand help us...

Posted August 22, 2013    

Cut Words: The Secret to Business Communication

The Editor says “Cut” and in many cases rightly so. In advertising, professional writers must develop copy based on the media they write for. But you don’t have to be a copywriter to write strong copy in the day-to-day business arena. In verbal...

Posted August 14, 2013    

Corporate Marketing: Is It Becoming Entrepreneurial?

In today’s corporate environment the vertical integration of all marketing facets is fast becoming the norm. The adage of “wearing many hats” that was once synonymous only with entrepreneurship, is no longer. Corporate marketing is increasingly...

Posted August 8, 2013    

When the Internet Turns on Us: Reaction to the NSA Prism Scandal

As most people have heard, former CIA technical assistant Edward Snowden became an overnight household name and acclaimed “whistle blower” when he decided to inform the public about a government database that collects our private information."Any...

Posted June 12, 2013    

Hacked! Protect Yourself Against Social Media Hackers

A crabby situation!Mr. Clean seemed to have had a long day a couple of weeks ago being attacked by giant crabs.  He literally had a crabby situation on his hands! I wonder which line of cleaning products he used to clean up that mess.  I...

Posted June 6, 2013    

Social Media: A Reality Check

It’s the new channel, the new trend and everyone and every brand that doesn’t want to be left behind is jumping right on. Needless to say the hype is gaining momentum and believe it or not, has still not peaked. Like everything that is new, exciting...

Posted October 26, 2012