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Killer, Exquisite, Seductive, Damn Good and Arresting Blog Post Essentials

Oh the humanity! I don't care how obscure, famous or infamous you and/or your blog is, every blogger can relate to blogger anxiety - that feeling one gets before clicking the "Publish" button of, "Am I sure this post is the best it can be and how...

Posted January 14, 2014    

Facebook and Telecommunications in the Event of a Family Emergency

Last week a very good friend of mine suffered a massive heart attack. He is 34 years old and, thankfully, is on the mend and will return home soon. But not before flat-lining 4 times and spending nearly a week in the ICU, in a country 1000+...

Posted April 3, 2013    

Joining Google+ Communities to Build Your Circles & Brand

I was an early adopter of Google+ and continue to be a believer, even though many pundits are still on the fence or have written it off altogether. Insofar as social media channels go, Google+ may never be the new "Facebook...

Posted January 25, 2013    

Top 5 Mobile Apps for the Techie Traveler

Smart phones have revolutionized the way many of us travel. The first iPhone running the iOS was released in 2007 and only 3 short years ago the Android OS was just a buzzword. Since the advent of both, the world just hasn't been the same. My friend...

Posted September 23, 2012    

Facebook Promoted Posts: A Small Business' Best "Friend"

I've been utilizing Facebook's Promoted Posts functionality on a few of my clients' Timelines and I have to say, it has yielded some very positive results - and at an extremely reasonable cost.The promotions run for 72 hours on any post...

Posted September 20, 2012