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Li-Ning and the "Social Olympics": Breaking Into the U.S. Market

The power of social mediaSocial media is quickly transforming the dynamic between businesses and their customers. The past decade has seen over 200 social media platforms spring up, with 13 of these sites attracting over 100 million users. According...

Posted October 3, 2012    

Supporting Aurora Victims Through Social Media

National tragedies: Then and nowThe digital age brings everything closer to home, and social media eliminates the effect of physical distance on empathy. When national tragedies strike, our Facebook and Twitter feeds are instantly filled with both...

Posted September 27, 2012    

3 Waves of Social Marketing -- and Why Social Activation Is What Matters Today

There are 1.5 billion members of social platforms globally, with most of them interacting with social networks regularly, according to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute. It may come as a surprise to some that what took commercial television...

Posted August 21, 2012