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Are Your Emails Getting Through to the People You are Sending Them to?

Gmail and the other ISPs are now blocking emails that you send to your double opt-in subscribers! Why? Because those subscribers aren't opening your email anymore.And since your subscribers aren't opening your email anymore, Leon, the anti-spam-guy...

Posted April 1, 2013    

6 Reasons Your Website Isn't Good Enough

You've had this discussion before with your business partner. "Why do we need to spend money on a website?" Or, perhaps it's "Look, I know our website needs updating, but honestly, we've got so many other things to work on right now....."And the...

Posted February 27, 2013    

3 Ways Personal Bias is Hurting Your Marketing Campaign

The Chief Marketing Officer has just walked into your office, well, into your cube anyway. And she's not happy. You feel the tension."They're looking at our budget with a microscope. If we don't absolutely nail this next major campaign, they're...

Posted February 10, 2013    

What Do You Mean My Email Subject Line Sucks?

You've spent all that time building an email list, crafting the perfect email, creating great content, and sending it out using all the proper email deliverability hoo-ha and all that.Your anticipation of a high email open and click through rate...

Posted January 22, 2013    

Why Social Media Drove Tupperware to Laugh

The Harvard Business Review recently examined the internal use of social media by corporations. Can social media be used internally within an organization to drive increases in revenue? Can it improve employee retention? Increase...

Posted December 7, 2012    

Why 1700 CEOs Are Wrong about Social Media

IBM asked CEOs all over the world what they believe is going to happen with social media for the next three to five years. What they had to say was revealing.“For the first time in my career, I feel old. People in their 20s work and think about this...

Posted November 11, 2012