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Is Your Mobile Website Hurting Your Search Rankings?

Anyone in the digital world will know that mobile internet usage has been rapidly growing in the past few years and 2013 has been no exception to this trend. A staggering 60% of online devices are now smartphones or tablets.Google has been putting...

Posted December 19, 2013    

Facebook Causes Controversy With New Policy Changes

Facebook has made yet another clear signal in its upping the ante on advertising. All Facebook users will have received an email over the last few days letting them know of some proposed changes to Facebook’s governing policies.The changes relate...

Posted September 3, 2013    

Social Media in 2012: Five of Our Most Memorable Highlights

2012 was the year that Social Media was no longer regarded as the ‘add-on’ service, or the ‘we should be doing it but we don’t know why’ service. It’s the year that its cultural and political influence was established, and its business potential was...

Posted December 21, 2012