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Could the Future of Mobile Ads Lie in Apple's Location Services?

Location based advertising is nothing new. Google offer it, Foursquare have a fairly robust offering, and even mobile operators such as O2 have tried to jump in on the act. Apple offer iAds, but in my own experience, they’ve never been relevant to...

Posted February 26, 2014    

Social Influencer Sites: How Relevant Are They?

Social ranking is nothing new, people have been categorised into classes and groups for years, often allowing others to form opinions of them without having to meet or event get to know them. Sites such as Klout, Kred and PeerIndex now allow...

Posted September 6, 2013    

Facebook Video Ads: Why They Could Be Make or Break for Facebook

I'm sure we've all seen the recent stories around Facebook's rumours introduction of 15-second video ads. They've created a large amount of buzz in the media and advertising industries, but could the impact be much more than just a large ad in your...

Posted September 1, 2013    

Three Ways That Facebook's Embeddable Posts Will Benefit Brands

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they are finally allowing posts from the social networking site to be embedded on other websites, much in the same way that Tweets can be embedded. For brands, this gives them yet another opportunity to use...

Posted August 5, 2013    

Content Marketing – Why brands would be mad to ignore it

Content marketing is not a new thing. In fact it’s been around for years, it’s just that it’s got a name now and with social media, it’s kind of a big deal. For brands, it offers them a massive chance to get ahead of competition and engage with...

Posted July 3, 2013