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"Google" Is a Verb, but "Graph Search" Isn't...Yet

When Facebook announced Graph Search, the headlines that immediately began zipping around seemed a bit manic: “Will Graph Search Kill LinkedIn, Yelp, and Google?” “The Truth About Graph Search,” and “Graph Search Just Made Me a Facebook Addict...

Posted February 22, 2013    

Fire All the Social Media Directors? Not so Fast.

Every few months there’s a call to action to fire all the social media directors or that “head of social” positions are going the way of the dinosaurs in six months or less.I, however, meet this exuberance with a wide yawn. And not just because I...

Posted January 9, 2013    

The Difference Between Content Curation and Link Spraying

"Content curation" is one of those phrases that gets repeated ad nauseam without much thought into what it actually means or what role it should play in our digital marketing strategies. It is a term that that is widely used, yet the definition of...

Posted December 17, 2012    

What to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Community Manager

Many businesses know the buzz words or the basic functions of the community manager's role on social channels, many don’t have clarity as to what they actually need or what a community manager does beyond tweeting and posting. If you're looking to...

Posted October 2, 2012    

Using Instagram for Brands

Instagram is a mobile photo editing and sharing app that saw its user base explode from 15 to 80 million since Facebook acquired the company back in April.But even before the acquisition, many savvy brands had joined the platform—especially retail...

Posted September 26, 2012    

How to Spot a Social Media "Expert" Who's Full of It

A lot of folks position themselves as social media “experts” but sometimes it can be difficult figuring out who really knows what they’re talking about and who’s merely a guru or a ninja. Check out my short guide below. Dependence on buzz...

Posted September 13, 2012    

"LoveIt" or Hate it? Is the newest social bookmarking site just a Pinterest ripoff?

Have you heard about LoveIt? It’s a new image-based social bookmarking platform with some striking similarities to another bookmarking site you may have heard about (ahem...Pinterest...ahem).The design and UX is of LoveIt practically identical to...

Posted September 12, 2012