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Is Social Media Destroying the Art of Photography?

Last time out I wrote an article about how to boost your business with the use of Instagram and that post got me thinking recently about something all together more fundamental – that being, the art of photography. Specifically, what impact is...

Posted February 6, 2013    

How to Use Instagram & Boost Your Business

Facebook has done its best to keep a strangle hold on the landscape of social media with its acquisition of Instagram. And after paying $1 billion for it, you can bet they are going to squeeze pretty hard. Instagram champions the idea that we can...

Posted January 14, 2013    

How To Use Social Media for Your E-Commerce Site

The term social media might give you the impression that it doesn’t have much to do with business. After all you post your pictures of your last party on Facebook, or you tell people about your latest holiday on Twitter.Businesses however deal with...

Posted September 25, 2012