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Content Marketing: A Modern Day Bard

All fantasy role-play geeks recognize the bard. And unlike most people, they’re not fooled by that weak looking, poet singing, mandolin carrying traveler. Bards have been known for their wide array of knowledge to survive during medieval times with...

Posted March 22, 2014    

4 Last-Minute Gift-Giving Tips to Make Your Prospects Really Happy

Christmas just passed. That’s bad news for marketers that are still wrapping up their prospect gift lists for the holidays. But if you happen to be one of them, don’t worry. These four last-minute tips will help you find the kind of gifts your...

Posted December 28, 2013    

5 Ways Data-Driven Marketing is Like Taking the Perfect Selfie

If you’re not a big fan of data-driven marketing, I hope this post changes your mind. You really need to embrace data or else you’ll only end up groping (and possibly even stumbling) in the dark. Yes, there’s nothing sexy about breaking down data...

Posted September 1, 2013    

Need a Middle Man? 3 Reasons to Hire an Outbound Call Center

 When you have prospective clients you want to work with, you need to establish a connection between both your companies. As such, it’s good to have a sort of middle man. However, we can’t all have a mutual connection between companies, and...

Posted September 13, 2012