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5 Beautiful Brands on Instagram and How You Can Do the Same

As a brand, you should always aim to increase engagement in order to grow your audience. For this, you have to share compelling content that inspires action among your followers.Sharing wonderful photos on your own is a great start, but getting help...

Posted March 26, 2014    

The Impact of Winning (and Losing) the Super Bowl on Instagram

This year, a record 111.5 million americans tuned in to the Super Bowl to see the Seattle Seahawks battle against the Denver Broncos for the title.By now, you all know how the game went down: the Seahawks took the lead early on and managed to keep...

Posted February 7, 2014    

Gender on Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know about that in some countries there are more women Instagram users than men? Nitrogram: Analytics on Instagram made an Infographic with data about gender on Instagram.Here are some of its findings:Gender and CountriesSouth-East Asia...

Posted January 15, 2014    

The Instagram Superbowl: 49ers vs Ravens on Social Media

Finally, the Superbowl XLVII is right around the corner.In just a few days, the San Francisco 49ers will face the Baltimore Ravens in the game that will crown this season’s NFL champion. As both teams prepare to deploy their A-game on Sunday,...

Posted January 31, 2013    

What Instagram Really Changed in Their Terms of Service

Here's a suggestion: Keep calm and Instagram on. Instagram's ToS aren't changing that much: they're mostly aligning to Facebook's by allowing Instagram to create ads that are as user-friendly as possible.On December 17, Instagram announced an update...

Posted December 18, 2012