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The MasterCard Conversation Suite, with Andrew Bowins, Senior VP

Last week several of us at Social Media Today were invited to see MasterCard's Conversation Suite at their headquarters in Purchase, New York. (Real name.) We spoke with Andrew Bowins, Marcy Cohen, and Jennifer Stalzer, Senior Vice President,...

Posted May 28, 2013    

Are Social Media and Community Management the Same Thing?: Notes from AOL and Internet Week New York

 [<a href="//storify.com/socialmedia2day/aol-social-media-salon-iwny" target="_blank">View the story "AOL Social Media Salon #iwny" on Storify</a>]

Posted May 22, 2013    

"Creativity in 140 Characters" - Guy Yalif and Internet Week New York

This week marks the beginning of Internet Week New York, a “week-long festival celebrating Internet business and culture and will attract more than 45,000 Internet professionals, working across all sectors, attending 250+ events produced by IWNY and...

Posted May 21, 2013    

Social Startups: Tellagence

“The technology is moving a lot faster than our understanding of what happens on top of that technology,” said Matt Hixson, co-founder and CEO of Tellagence. “The technology behind Twitter is pretty straightforward, but the social phenomenon, the...

Posted May 13, 2013    

"Sentiment That Matters," with Augie Ray

“Social media departments still hang on every little detractor event and still focus on posting photos of puppy dogs to get likes. Most do not understand these efforts have little to no impact on the brand.” So said Augie Ray, director of Social...

Posted May 10, 2013    

Facebook Releases Q1 2013 Results

After the market closed today, Facebook released key figures from the first quarter of 2013. Facebook revenues were down $130mm from Q4 2012 from $1.86 bn to $1.46 bn, though that repeats similar results from Q4 2011 to Q1 2012 when revenues were...

Posted May 1, 2013    

Social Startups: Percolate

“What should I say?” It’s the question and number one challenge brands ask themselves every day, according to Noah Brier, co-founder of Percolate, a social SaaS startup dedicated to answering that call. “Percolate is interested in helping brands...

Posted April 29, 2013    

How Not to Criticize Social Media

In the wake of tragedy, communities try to find ways to help each other. As social media is made up of communities, it’s no exception that the same logic would apply. So when no one claimed credit for the Boston Marathon bombings and no suspects...

Posted April 22, 2013    

Social Startups: HipLogiq

“Direct mail celebrates a 98% failure rate. We can drive a furniture store to a 46% conversion rate with 116 new prospects, or a restaurant to a 25% conversion rate with 900 new prospects,” says Bernie Perrine, CEO of HipLogiq and one of the...

Posted April 14, 2013    

General Motors Resumes Facebook Advertising

A year after GM’s public departure from Facebook, The New York Times is reporting that yesterday Chris Perry, vice president for United States marketing of the Chevrolet division of General Motors, emailed a reporter to say “Chevrolet is testing a...

Posted April 10, 2013    

Microsoft's Latest Social Media Headache

On Thursday, a then-unknown Creative Director at Microsoft Studios named Adam Orth had what he thought was a harmless Twitter conversation loosely about Microsoft’s anticipated (yet unannounced) new X-Box with his friend Manveer Heir, a developer at...

Posted April 6, 2013    

Social Startups: Triple Lift

“We’re not trying to build a slightly better mousetrap. We’re trying to reinvent the way display advertising is thought about,” said Ari Lewine, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Triple Lift. Lewine was working at AppNexus with fellow Triple...

Posted April 6, 2013    

New Twitter Cards Announced: App, Product, Gallery, and Deep-Linking in Mobile

Tonight at an event strictly for developers in San Francisco, Twitter announced an expansion of the preexisting Twitter Cards to include three new types of Cards: App, Product, and Gallery, as well as a new feature for mobile apps: Deep-linking...

Posted April 3, 2013    

Your Survey Results About Social Media Today

A few weeks ago we asked you, our readers, to take part in a survey about Social Media Today. We were both humbled and delighted by the thousands of responses we received and today we want to share back with you some of those details we thought you’...

Posted April 2, 2013    

Content Marketing That Works: Just-in-Time Vs. Planned [Storify]

[<a href="//storify.com/socialmedia2day/content-marketing-that-works-just-in-time-vs-plann" target="_blank">View the story "Content Marketing That Works: Just-in-Time Vs. Planned" on Storify</a>]

Posted April 2, 2013    

Infographics, Images, and the Value of Impressions [Storify from 3/26 Webinar]

[<a href="//storify.com/socialmedia2day/storified-webinar-infographics-images-and-the-val" target="_blank">View the story "[Storified Webinar] Infographics, Images, and the Value of Impressions" on Storify&...

Posted March 28, 2013    

The Dual 100,000 Dawns

In 2008, we here at Social Media Today decided to extend our reach beyond our website, so we created Facebook and LinkedIn communities (In June and March, respectively). With a basic strategy of “Well, that’s cool, why don’t we go there?”, we dived...

Posted March 20, 2013    

[Storify] Social Media Today Covers #SXSW

[<a href="//storify.com/socialmedia2day/sxsw-our-favorite-tweets" target="_blank">View the story "[Storify] Social Media Today Covers #SXSW" on Storify</a>]<h1>[Storify] Social Media Today Covers #SXSW&...

Posted March 15, 2013    

SXSW: The Community Manager Manifesto

On Sunday at South By Southwest, a roomful of social media practitioners of all kinds came together for two and a half hours to create one document: The Community Manager Manifesto.Natalie Rodic Marsan (founder of BrokenOpenMedia), Nick Cicero (Lead...

Posted March 12, 2013    

SXSW: Leveraging Influencers' Social Capital

Celebrity endorsements have traditionally been a crude but fairly effective technique. Take a person who’s famous enough and consumers will usually grant them some authority. But as audiences become savvier, it becomes harder to sell. “Today’s...

Posted March 10, 2013