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A Portrait of The Marketer as a Young Man

This post was originally published at Medium: A Portrait of the Marketer as a Young Man.IntroductionRecently, I read a great post on the Kapost blog by Anne Murphy. Anne’s post was titled “3 Things You Can’t Learn from a Content Marketing How-To...

Posted January 13, 2014    

Why Personal Branding Begins at an Early Age (and What to Do About It)

Photo source: Dave Lawler on flickr.IntroductionI asked a class of tenth grade students how many of them have a personal brand. A few looked around the room to see who raised their hand. One student did. And that was it.When I grew up, the Internet...

Posted December 9, 2013    

How to Share Content on Social Media in 5 Minutes a Day

Photo credit: Flickr User purplemattfish via photopin ccIntroductionRecently, I participated in a webinar produced by Leadtail and DNN. In the webinar, Leadtail presented findings from a recently published Social Insights report. Leadtail analyzed...

Posted November 4, 2013    

10 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Channels

Some organizations are rocking the house with social media (a few come to mind: Coca Cola, Starbucks, Virgin America). At the same time, many organizations I speak to are challenged to achieve the results they desire using social media.ON-DEMAND...

Posted November 1, 2013    

How Halloween Reminds Me of B2B Marketers

IntroductionHalloween is one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, I loved to head out (after dark) and go trick or treating. As a parent, I revel in seeing the enjoyment experienced by kids. You may be wondering: how does Halloween relate to B2B...

Posted October 28, 2013    

Ten Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

IntroductionAs marketers (or aspiring marketers), we have it pretty darn good. Why is that? Because marketers, by our very nature, are accustomed to sharing information, insights, tips and best practices. In fact, sharing (and publishing) knowledge...

Posted October 25, 2013    

Stand Out From the Crowd with Unique Content Marketing

IntroductionA recently published report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs noted that 93% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing. Let’s hope you’re not a part of the 7%. With such a high rate of content marketing adoption,...

Posted October 6, 2013    

All I Know About SEO I Learned in Kindergarten

Photo credit: Flickr user woodleywonderworks via photopin ccIntroductionI attended kindergarten at Zena Elementary School in Kingston, New York, where my teacher was Ms. Silvernail. Back then, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) didn’t yet exist....

Posted September 30, 2013    

10 Ways to Prepare for Your Social Media Manager Interview

IntroductionSocial Media Manager has become a rather popular position lately. Whether it’s a dedicated or partial position, the function exists within most organizations.Enterprises, non-profits, small businesses and associations understand the...

Posted August 12, 2013    

10 Ways Your Tweets Continue to Be Seen

Conventional wisdom is that Twitter is the essence of the real-time web: a here and now, in the moment medium. If you’re tweeting when your followers aren’t online, then they won’t see those tweets. That’s how the thinking goes.In May, I tweeted...

Posted July 1, 2013