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Choosing The Best Tool For The Job: A Website Analogy

You wouldn't use a hammer to tighten a nut, would you? Likewise, you wouldn't use a flashlight to cook food, right?There exists the right tool for the right task, and in order to get maximum effectiveness out of a tool, you need to know how to...

Posted September 5, 2013    

Hidden Easter Eggs: Little Ways to Get Big Marketing Points

Did you know that while waiting for your YouTube video to load, you can play the game Snake? Try going to Google Search and typing "do a barrel roll."What about all those hidden treats in DVDs, where going to a specific menu and hitting the right...

Posted March 31, 2013    

Don't Feed the Trolls

It's going to happen eventually. If you have a comments system, or a submissions box, or anything that allows the anonymous public to send you input, it is bound to happen. The more publicly visible those submissions can get, the higher the...

Posted March 1, 2013    

Facebook: The Social Network King

It's hard to dethrone the king. It's not because the king is necessarily best, or even the most beloved. Sometimes the king was just the first on the scene, or maybe circumstances just fell that way.Facebook is the current king of social networking...

Posted February 8, 2013    

The Second Share

While current online marketing doesn't completely replace traditional marketing, in fact many of its tenets are still the old ones just re-imagined; there is one area where the former really diverges from the latter: the priority of the second share...

Posted December 23, 2012    

Debunking Three Social Marketing Myths

Social marketing is important; enough has been said on the matter. Executing that marketing however is a more nuanced affair. It isn't simply a matter of "doing it," there has to be a clear goal in mind, with an overarching ethos and objectives that...

Posted November 13, 2012    

The Importance of Analytics

Tracking analytics are a polarizing subject. On one hand, its precise measurements and metrics can provide invaluable, scientifically tested information crucial to fine-tuning your website.On the other, its very precise nature can quickly escalate...

Posted October 26, 2012    

Can We Blame Facebook for Stone Age Jerks?

It's no surprise that the social networking world can be a mean and spiteful place, just like how any large gathering of people can turn out that way.There are vain and shallow people. Also some very dumb people, who love to revel in their reckless...

Posted October 19, 2012