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How a Conference Can Make You a Bad*** Business Owner

Wait, before you go getting all offended, I'm definitely not saying you're not already a badass business owner.I mean, you started a company from scratch with nothing but a dream and the ambition to make it a reality, and that's pretty badass by...

Posted February 13, 2014    

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Zombies

Why fight it, blonde girl? He may not be pretty, but there's a lot we can learn from our undead friends. Find out how you can put 7 of the best habits of zombies to work for you, both professionally and personally, today.The 7 Habits of Highly...

Posted October 31, 2013    

Doin' It Dracula Style: How to Give Your Business Immortality

Remember the good old days when vampires were dark, dangerous, and let’s face it, downright sexy?Yes, the original blood-sucking immortal who started the world’s fascination with our fanged friends isn’t anything like the sparkly, skinny jean-...

Posted October 30, 2013    

How to Rebrand Your Business Without "Pulling a Miley"

What’s “pulling a Miley”? Well, it’s an attempt at rebranding that has gone very, very, wrong.I’m sure you’ve seen the new and not-so-improved Miley Cyrus since she’s, unavoidably, been everywhere – on our radios, in our Twitter streams, and...

Posted August 29, 2013    

How to Get Your Fans to Stop Ignoring You on Facebook

They’ve got their backs turned for a reason. If your fans have been ignoring your posts because they’re boring, filled with errors, or not relevant, it’s time you learned how to write the type of status updates that grab attention and encourage...

Posted August 27, 2013    

Ding! Harness the Super Power of Google Alerts

Wish you had a super power that allowed you to know exactly what people were saying about your company online? Well, save that wish for something really great, (like invisibility so you can sneak into Google’s headquarters, steal all their ideas,...

Posted October 23, 2012    

Business Lessons from The Walking Dead: Don’t Be a Shane

Let’s be honest. Shane from The Walking Dead was a complete asshole. He was violently jealous, wildly unpredictable, and unbearably arrogant — and  probably one of the absolute worst people to have with you in a zombie apocalypse. Granted, the...

Posted October 22, 2012