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Why Cartoons Are Better Than Stock Photos and Infographics

Many social media managers rely on stock photos to add interest and punch to their blogs and other online content.  However, research shows that cartoons are much a more powerful option in terms of engagement and sharing. Small Business Trends...

Posted November 21, 2013    

What 7 Top Websites Know About Using Cartoons That You Don't

For the most part you get your news online. You probably also follow a few blogs regularly, and a few more causally. You're definitely participating in some flavor of social media too. And to complement all that text, you're seeing a lot of stock...

Posted February 25, 2013    

Visual Marketing and Cartoons


Posted January 21, 2013    

Visual Marketing's Secret Weapon

Visual marketing is big right now. Pinterest has recently launched business accounts, Twitter is including images in searches, and photos on Facebook are liked 53% more often than other content. If you’re doing any marketing online, you’re looking...

Posted November 27, 2012