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How to Use Snapchat for Marketing

 How to use Snapchat for Marketing – Snapchat is the virtual equivalent of attempting to read a note that’s been thrown into a furnace – it’s there and then viola – it’s not. As you most likely know, Snapchat allows users to send photos or...

Posted October 19, 2013    

Great Evergreen Content for Google Hummingbird

  Google’s latest Hummingbird algorithm change is possibly the biggest thing to happen to search for a long time. One of the biggest alterations is that Google has now shifted increased focus onto ‘Evergreen’ content or articles that offer...

Posted October 15, 2013    

5 Ways to Get that Social Media Sale

Whether its bath plugs or luxury cars – social media can help you sell it. However, it’s not as straightforward as bellowing from a market stall. So, here’s some of my tips on how to sell with social.RelationshipsYou wouldn’t propose to your...

Posted June 25, 2013    

Using Facebook Hashtags: Guide for Business

Facebook’s Graph Search option has been far from a failure, but it hasn’t been a significant success either. One of the biggest issues is the fact that the feature is based on the social graphs of your friends.This has its limitations as you only...

Posted June 17, 2013    

Increasing Social Media Engagement: Five Alternative Ways

Social media continues to evolve and ways to improve engagement are also changing constantly. There are always ways to tweak, change and alter social media to improve engagement levels and make a little more of your efforts.Google+ Hangouts, Circles...

Posted May 7, 2013    

Bitcoin & Social: The Cryptocurrencies Interdependency

Bitcoin’s quite the little minx isn’t it? The digital currency has been on a wild ride of late and has managed to engross not just the hard core internet users, but the world in general.From a standing start at $7.20 around 15 months ago,...

Posted April 20, 2013    

Facebook Status Updates More Memorable Than Books

A recent study published in the academic journal Memory and Cognition has found that users are more likely to remember a Facebook status update than lines from a book. Last year, researchers stumbled across the idea when investigating the effects of...

Posted January 22, 2013    

Facebook Nearby and How to Use it

Like Google+ Local, and Qype and Foursquare before it; Facebook is getting into the local mobile search area with its new Facebook Nearby effort.The social media sites mobile phone apps on both IOS and Android have now incorporated Foursquare...

Posted January 9, 2013