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Facebook Purchases Oculus Rift: An Odd Match?

 During the second season of science fiction animated comedy Futurama, the characters log into a future version of the internet using a virtual reality headset. Able to walk around in an online world, represented by digitised avatar versions of...

Posted April 2, 2014    

Review: Google's Algorithm Updates in 2013

Google tweaks and modifies its search engine algorithms on an almost constant basis, with annual revisions typically numbering several hundred at least. However, some changes to the way the search engine behemoth ranks webpages and presents...

Posted December 13, 2013    

SEO: Why Main Keywords Do Not Exist

   A common statement from website owners when discussing Search Engine Optimisation with an SEO professional is often:"I'd like to rank for {Insert Keyword}" in Google.It's understandable and perhaps logical that you would believe...

Posted October 19, 2013    

Why SEOs Shouldn't Always Listen to Clients

My brother is an electrician which comes in handy surprisingly often, usually when I've blown something up. The other day I asked him to visit our office to look at the electrics in a part of our building that has been unused in probably 20 years....

Posted October 4, 2013    

Google to Introduce In-Depth Articles

In order to gain an insightful understanding of a broad topic, sometimes it’s necessary to delve a little deeper instead of finding simple, concise answers. Research conducted by Google suggests that this is the case for approximately one tenth of...

Posted August 11, 2013    

You've Got a Penalty from Google? You Deserve It

Webmasters deserve everything they get.There, I've said it. If you've had a penalty from Google you deserve it. If you've had a penalty since Penguin hit last year for the first time then you not only deserve it, you're being very cavalier with your...

Posted May 6, 2013