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Death of the Social Media Crisis

There is much talk in social media and marketing circles about 'digital' or 'social media' crises. There are no such things. A crisis is a crisis, a one-off incident or series of events that seriously impacts the reputation and/or...

Posted June 3, 2013    

Time to Re-think Digital Influence

Blame Malcolm Gladwell. He managed to make The Tipping Point sound so simple and elegant, a panacea of digital connectors and mavens for just about any kind of communications challenge.Gladwell talks of the rule of 150 (aka...

Posted March 12, 2013    

12 Principles for Responding to Negative Online Comments

Due to convenience, the opportunity to receive a direct response and the potential to kick up a fuss when not treated as they expect, customers are turning to social media for customer service and other product and service-related support rather...

Posted December 30, 2012    

A Broader View of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is in vogue. LinkedIn records a 38 percent growth in people recording the term named as a skill or expertise. And a veritable cottage industry of agencies and individuals has sprouted to service the swelling ranks...

Posted October 30, 2012