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Time to Make Better Decisions About Social

My former colleague Ted Shelton said recently here on Social Media Today, “Social is sending a shockwave through the enterprise and challenging organizations to rethink the way they are organized and how all of their processes work”.  I see...

Posted December 17, 2013    

Who Should Teach Reputation?

One good lesson we can all take from social media is that we know a ton about public reputation. We know about corporate reputation, brand reputation and individual reputation. I happen to think that personal reputation and social media lie at the...

Posted May 8, 2012    

Behind Social Business: A New Middle Class

So far we’ve heard the story of social business as the transfer of social media to the enterprise, and the story of social business as an extension of E2.0 tools. In both these cases you can see a logical narrative at work but no real passion play...

Posted May 3, 2012    

The Evolution of Social Business

Author: Andy HewittSocial business is one of the big business buzzwords of 2012 but how many people actually know what it means? At Global Dawn we traced the history of social business over the past thirty years to show it’s not just a 2012 fad...

Posted January 19, 2012    

Creating a Business from The Meeting of Ideas & Thought Leadership

Thought leadership, like the rest of social media, can be confused with PR so how do we keep them separate? In this ideas economy it's tempting to see thought leadership as PR, because ideas are ubiquitous, and seem to be about reputation, about...

Posted September 1, 2011    

Real Thought Leadership for Social Media Strategists

One overlooked area of social media is the way companies think and speak about themselves in honest moments, how they try to convert deep reflection into new perspectives. The overlooked area is real thought leadership.The way Apple mastered the...

Posted August 25, 2011