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Google+ Works: An Open Apology for My First Impression

Google+ works: An open apology for my first impressionAh, Google+. How wrong I was. I admit I was not a fan. At first. But you’ve turned my head.Six months ago, I wrote an article about the limited value of Google+, highlighting three points on...

Posted January 12, 2014    

Why Google+ Isn't Google-worthy

Google has a wide scope of products aside from its search engine: Gmail, YouTube, Google Fiber, Google Maps, and more. These aren’t just average products, either. Each one is an innovative leader in its respective category. However, social media is...

Posted July 31, 2013    

Facebook EdgeRank Changes: Make Sure Your Content Comes Out on Top

We all knew this day would come; it was just a matter of when. Facebook EdgeRank changes are now urging businesses to pony up the cash to get their content to fans. There are numerous opinions about the method (getting businesses to join Facebook,...

Posted January 28, 2013    

5 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

5 Twitter mistakes to avoidMy Twitter education came courtesy of trial and error. Like any tool, there’s a learning curve. Unfortunately, a mistake on Twitter is public and open to criticism at every turn. Many mistakes later, I decided to bring you...

Posted December 4, 2012    

5 Social Media Tools I’m Thankful for Even After Thanksgiving

5 social media tools I’m thankful forSocial media tools pop up daily. Many overpromise and under deliver. In an effort to sweep the disappointment away, I present you with 5 social media tools that won’t leave you wanting more. These tools will...

Posted November 26, 2012