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Data-Driven Storytelling – the Next Frontier?

With the rapid growth of Pinterest and Tumblr, many marketers are pausing and strategizing as to how to use these channels. Pinterest has shown that it can drive a consumer to a sale. Meanwhile, Tumblr is lower on the marketing priority list because...

Posted June 1, 2012    

Social Business Intelligence: Wisdom from the Outside-In

 When interpreted via a sensible methodology, data becomes intelligence.  When viewed through the lens of real consumer behavior, intelligence becomes wisdom.  Social Business Intelligence is all about wisdom – the wisdom to listen,...

Posted May 24, 2012    

How to Use Social Data to Predict Box Office Success

I love the holidays, and not because of all the family, gifts, and home-cooked food, but because it’s one of the few times of the year you know that you’re going to get some exciting action-packed blockbuster films. This year we’ve got an exciting...

Posted December 16, 2011    

How Much is that Facebook Fan Worth Anyway?

Vitrue, a social media marketing platform, determined that the average value of a Facebook ‘fan’ is about $3.60 when it comes to a Media Equivalent Value (MEV) per year. This calculation is based on the brand posting to their Facebook Fan Page...

Posted July 21, 2011    

Why Topic Discovery Beats Search!

I think you will agree that over the last few years, content was being created at an incredibly rapid pace. This is how Google succeeded in the market; massive amounts of content were being created, and it was their job to index it all. At one point...

Posted March 1, 2011    

5 Ways Social Data Has the Edge over Nielsen

Nielsen has taken a few hits recently on the integrity of their data — undercounting web traffic and losing accreditation for their diary-only markets being chief among them. But even setting those issues aside, there are key areas where social data...

Posted January 10, 2011    

Analytics: The Key to ROI from Social Media

By now, everyone agrees there's great value to be drawn from the social-media dataset. But how do we define and categorize that value? This chart places marketing and PR activities along two axes: from reactive to proactive and  tactical to...

Posted April 19, 2010