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LinkedIn and the Context of Social Media Etiquette

When people kvetch about getting “Generic” connection requests on LinkedIn, I tend to roll my eyes -and not just because I roll my eyes a lot.The “generic” appearance of these invitations doesn’t bother me. The context of the invite is enough. If...

Posted December 16, 2013    

“New” Rules of Content Marketing; Not So New

In February, I attended Boston’s Social Media Breakfast 26: “The New Rules of Content Marketing.” Since much of what my colleagues and I at Voce Communications/Porter Novelli do  centers on content, I figured I would hear a lot of interesting...

Posted May 2, 2012    

Are “reputation” scores a waste of time or simply misunderstood?

Are “reputation” scores a waste of time or simply misunderstood? Every time some tool come out that brags about being able to rank influence and reputation, people immediately jump on it as bunk or as a sign of narcissism and a lack of real...

Posted August 28, 2010    

Social Media Top 5: I Am Smart and Handsome and My Cat is Adorable

Well, It's official- Social Media is For Narcissists. That's according to a study called The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement produced by San Diego State University and Youth Pulse. As far as I can tell, the study is some sort...

Posted August 28, 2009    

Social Media Top Five: SXSW Edition (or Not), and Happy Birthday Internet!

It's South by Southwest Interactive this weekend, since everybody's attention span is shortened by imbibing in too much, um, Internet knowledge, I will keep things short this week. ********First, a SXSW Twitter Break (all Twitter breaks are actual...

Posted March 14, 2009    

Social Media Top 5: It's Not About You, Mr. Journalist, and Blogging is Not a Business Requirement

What Really Needs to Change? How about journalists making themselves the story (and for the purposes of this column, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is a journalist)? Dating back to my time in journalism, it has always irked me when journalists...

Posted January 31, 2009    

Social Media Top 5: Buffering Obama, Lazy Readers, & PR No-Brainers

Has Obama broken a social media promise? - I have been very skeptical of the idea that President Obama's will be a “social media” administration. Federal government seems to me the last fortress against transparency and interactivity- at...

Posted January 23, 2009