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G+ Wiz B.L. Ochman's Tips for Creating a Great Google+ Profile [VIDEO]

Here’s how to get started so you won’t make the newbie mistake that almost everyone does.1- Before you can join Google+, you have to create a gmail account2- You’ll be prompted to create Google+ account TIP: Make it a personal profile rather than a...

Posted January 27, 2014    

5 Pervasive Myths About Google+

Are you among the many who say “Oh No! Not another social network! Why should I care about GooglePlus?” You may have heard people saying it’s a ghost town, or that it’s only for techies. The people who write these things are, quite simply, wrong.The...

Posted January 24, 2014    

Three Reasons Google Plus Should Not Be Compared to Facebook

As an early adopter and enthusiastic proponent of GooglePlus, I continue to be surprised at the great resistance by brands and agencies to using this feature-rich new platform. Often, it is compared to Facebook, as in the recent post by HootSuite.As...

Posted November 26, 2013    

Adobe Creative Days Creates Real-Time Photoshop Bus Stop [VIDEO]

To promote Adobe’s “CreativeDays,” a series of 14 events across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) this delightful stunt Photoshopped people who were sitting and standing at a bus stop in real-time and then displayed the images on a...

Posted June 12, 2013    

Twitter Bios Show Exponential Increase – to 181,000 – Self-proclaimed Social Media Gurus

As a public service, What’s Next Blog periodically reports on the number of self-proclaimed social media gurus, ninjas, masters and mavens on Twitter.The January 2013 What’s Next Blog social media guru Twitter Bio list (researched on FollowerWonk)...

Posted January 3, 2013    

Brands: Abandon the Easily Pranked "Tell Us Why You Love Us" Contest

By B.L. OchmanLike many other brands in Internet annals, General Mills has become the latest major corporation to see its social media campaign hijacked. Given similar results against other brands, the easily pranked “tell us why you love us”...

Posted December 21, 2012    

Marketing goes to the dogs: owners swap poop for wifi

Mexican internet portal Terra is encouraging dog owners to scoop the poop by offering them free WiFi in return. The company is piloting the idea at 10 parks in Mexico City.The greater the weight of your dog’s, umm, contribution, the more minutes...

Posted April 24, 2012    

McDonald’s, NYPD Punked by YES Men “Three Strikes, You’re In” Spoof Campaign

By B.L. Ochman McDonald’s, the NYPD and New York Magazine were punked yesterday by “Three Strikes, You’re In!”” an elaborate hoax by laughtivists/activists/makers of beautiful trouble”, The Yes Lab. A Yes Lab press release about “Three Strikes,...

Posted March 7, 2012    

Social CRM - Thank you Ben & Jerry's: a brand that's social, for real

Lots of brands are on Twitter and Facebook, but only a few actually listen to or interact with people. Ben & Jerry's is not only paying attention, they're working 24/7 trying to make people happy. That's the real-life, real-time embodiment of...

Posted December 9, 2010    

Facebook Community Pages: corporate reputation nightmares waiting to happen? Claim yours now!

Dear Facebook: You've made a confusing mess with Community Pages.  If you want businesses to invest in creating Facebook Pages, and to make Facebook a strong part of their online marketing, you need to make the rules clear, and stop changing...

Posted December 2, 2010    

Dilbert: New Social Media Manager's First Day

All content copyright B.L. Ochman, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, with the attribution: By B.L. Ochman, What's Next Blog.

Posted September 13, 2010    

Why Do So Many Companies Hide Their Social Media Involvement?

by B. L. Ochman While thousands of companies have either experimental or well-established presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites, those communities remain invisible on all but a tiny fraction of company homepages. Why...

Posted November 19, 2009    

Three Top Reasons Why Social Media is Still a Tough Sell

By B.L. Ochman Big companies have moved cautiously for eons. While many are corporations are making forays into social media, very, very few are taking huge risks. Instead of jumping in, they're still standing on the edge of the pool, diipping a toe...

Posted November 10, 2009    

Top 13 Guidelines for Commenting on Blog Posts

Like most bloggers, I love comments on my posts. Comments help bloggers feel like we're not talking to ourselves. I've learned a lot over the years from the smart people who comment on my posts. And I've made many friends whom I never would have met...

Posted October 30, 2009    

Drew Carey Ups the Ante to $1 Million in Twitter Charity Auction. Take That Cancer! You Jerk!

Drew Olanoff is kicking cancer's sorry ass - again. Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, he had already raised more than $20,000 to help the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation fight cancer with his #BlameDrewsCancer Twitter campaign and Blame Cancer...

Posted October 14, 2009    

Three Top Ways to Damage Your Brand With Social Media

While social media can do a lot to humanize a brand; increase the effectiveness of customer service, and create brand evangelists, it also can cause damage.I've said this before, and I'll say it again - brand management is a matter of common sense....

Posted September 24, 2009    

The Top Six Reasons Companies are Still Scared of Social Media

                                 1- Employees will waste time with social media. Many...

Posted September 23, 2009    

9/11: memory and miracle

By B.L. OchmanI'm a 9/11 survivor, but I lost my memory of much of that awful day. The scenes I can remember still play in my mind, and intrude on my dreams. I've never regained the hours between the time my dog, Sam, and I ran through smoke and...

Posted September 11, 2009    

People of Walmart - a runaway hit Wal-mart can't (& shouldn't) stop

People of Walmart is a new blog that lets people upload, rate and comment on photos of oddly dressed people seen shopping at Wal-mart. It's gone viral, and it would seem there's not a damn thing Wal-mart can - or should - do about it.Wal-mart should...

Posted September 8, 2009