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The Ultimate Marketing Guide to Using Snapchat for Business

The internet is filled with guides on the latest social networks and marketing trends. A quick search on Google will deliver you a handful of guides on Twitter best practices and Facebook strategies. It's exciting that we live in a world where...

Posted April 11, 2014    

Two Very Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Marketer

I haven’t always appreciated tough love and harsh truths. I think back to when I was around 12 or 13 years old and my Dad was my coach for the local basketball team. He always pushed me to give 110% at everything I did, but at that age, I rarely...

Posted February 5, 2014    

Twitter Research Shows Whether Automotive Brands Waste Cash on Super Bowl Ads

It's not just the NFL Super Bowl, it's the advertising Super Bowl as well. It's that time of the year when some of the biggest and most popular brands roll out their best creative and compete for the best ad of the game. It's a time when millions of...

Posted February 2, 2014    

Why Instagram Will Be The King Of Social Media In 2014

Instagram has gone from a selfie platform to a storytelling platform overnight. It's quickly challenging the social media trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through photo sharing in a mobile world. Instagram gives brands an opportunity to...

Posted December 23, 2013    

How to Develop Meaningful Goals for Your Content Marketing Efforts

One of the biggest challenges that have faced marketers for the last few years is the idea of measuring digital results. Marketers around the globe have thrown up the white flag claiming that you cannot measure the ROI of social media, but I’m here...

Posted September 30, 2013