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Digital Entrepreneur Tips: An Interview with Two Digital Innovators

It’s 2014.  We’re on the cusp of another tech explosion and eager entrepreneurs are capitalizing on their ideas to produce stellar products and influential content.It’s all about the hustle.  Some individuals posses an innate...

Posted January 27, 2014    

How to Optimize Instagram Posts for Maximum Engagement

If you’re like me, then you might have a slight addiction to Instagram.  No, seriously.  If you find yourself flicking through the app with cat-like reflexes a few more than a dozen times a day, you might be on the brink of IG overload....

Posted October 10, 2013    

9 Essential Google Apps for Business Owners and Marketers

As a business owner, digital marketer or tech geek, you posses the innate passion to expedite your workload.  Efficiency is a key component in running your business at an optimal level.  It's 2013.  There's no excuse...

Posted July 1, 2013    

Social Media Management Tool: A Review of Sprout Social in 2013

Digital marketers harness the power of brands and local businesses by giving a “voice” to their online presence through the avenue of social media. By doing so, they provide insight into the company philosophy, deliver direct feedback to consumers...

Posted March 23, 2013    

My Vine Experience with Twitter's Micro-Vid Sharing App

If fun could be crammed into 6 seconds of video, they would call it Vine. Vine is to Video what Instagram is to Photos.  No, seriously.  Vine is an easy to use video-sharing app that’s intuitive as much as it is fun.  My first...

Posted January 25, 2013    

Twitter Advertising - A Quick Guide

Twitter is the micro-blogging Godzilla.  It’s a social media behemoth capable of housing over 460 million accounts and managing 175 million outgoing Tweets daily.Tokyo doesn’t stand a chance.What began in 2006 as a “daylong brainstorming...

Posted January 4, 2013