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The Best Social Media Conferences to Attend in 2014

If you had to ask anyone in the mobile space what event is *the* must-attend, the answer would undoubtedly be Mobile World Congress (and I’m jealous just thinking about an annual affair in Barcelona).In the social space, there is no preeminent...

Posted December 26, 2013    

How to Increase Your Social Reach: Social Sharing and Following

Every lead generation campaign has a social reach—the number of people who become leads or potential customers because of the content that you produce. But how do you grow that number?One method to increase your social reach is to promote social...

Posted July 31, 2013    

How to Compute Social ROI

Today we will attempt to tackle the mysterious question: how do you compute the return on investment generated by social media campaigns? Here are a few basic tools and indicators of Social ROI to review:Built-in Social Media Platform Analytics:...

Posted July 22, 2013    

The Ideal Twitter Feed Composition

What’s the first thing that a potential follower does when deciding whether or not to click that little bird-illustrated Follow button? Clearly, the account name and Twitter handle are important, as is the bio. There are many articles out there...

Posted July 18, 2013    

3 Reasons Your Brand Will Fail Without a Meaningful Fanbase

First things first: what is a meaningful fanbase? A meaningful fanbase is a fanbase that that reads, enjoys, and most importantly, interacts with your content. This means that the fan followed you on the basis of having common interests, and likely...

Posted July 16, 2013    

How Social Automation Can Help Businesses Connect with their Audience

Social automation is the fill-in-the-blanks solution to common customer concerns. Simply put, social automation is software that contacts potential customers based on their actions on your website. Messages can be specified based on the visitor’s...

Posted June 7, 2013    

Brand Advocate vs. Brand Ambassador: What's the Difference?

Image from FashionBrainAcademy.comAt first glance, the phrases “brand advocate” and “brand ambassador” differ by about half a word – yet that half a word can put them a world apart.First of all, the biggest difference between the two is that while...

Posted June 4, 2013    

Why Won't Brands Be Social On Social?

I’m a consumer, and I want to be loved. I deserve to be loved. I spend hundreds of dollars with my favorite brands every year.Many of these brands advertise to me over my social channels to stay top of mind and try to send me to the point of...

Posted May 29, 2013    

Changes on Twitter: B2B Social Media Lead Generation

Very interesting development came out of Twitter HQ last week. In a blog post, Twitter Product Manager Mitali Pattnaik introduced the Lead Generation Card as one solution amongst the Twitter Cards suite.With the Lead Generation Card introduction, it...

Posted May 29, 2013