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11 Things You Should Not Post Online

Social media and the web offer us so much in terms of access to information, people, ideas, resources, and news. It also gives us the opportunity to connect with old friends, and new, and to instantly share a concept, concern, complaint, compliment...

Posted April 1, 2014    

Are You Showing Up Naked Online?

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is a blog about images of you not clothed or video indiscretions, let me reassure you – when I use the term “showing up naked online,” I am referring to vulnerability, exposure, and lack of intention when...

Posted February 25, 2014    

The ABCs of Personal Branding

When I speak on reputation management and personal branding, I enjoy telling audiences that as much as I wish the topic were highly sophisticated and complex, personal branding is relatively simple. There are no tricky formulas or graphs. In fact, I...

Posted January 21, 2014    

14 Powerful Career Tips for 2014

 Welcome to 2014! This year, take control of your career, drive greater success, meaning, and intention to your work, and build your personal brand. Your brand as a person is attached to your reputation — it is an expectation others have...

Posted January 8, 2014    

Social Media Cheat Sheet: Knowing Who to Invite (and How) on LinkedIn

When LinkedIn was born, about 10 years ago, many viewed this tool as a place job seekers connected with potential employers. If your boss found you on LinkedIn, it could be a red flag indicating your desire to leave your current job.Today, job...

Posted November 20, 2013    

Social Media Cheat Sheet: LinkedIn Connections (Part I)

There you sit facing an inbox full of LinkedIn connections from people you know, strangers you’ve never heard of, and folks you wish you could forget. So, when do you accept, ignore, and respond to invitations to connect?I treat LinkedIn as a...

Posted November 6, 2013    

3 Rules for Building Social Equity for Your Personal Brand

As I’ve shared many times on this blog, your personal brand is brought to life in many aspects of your behavior, including how you show up online. The relationships, comments, engagement (or lack thereof) and personality you demonstrate is matched...

Posted July 10, 2013