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Content Positioning: Free Speech & Career Suicide

Over the past few weeks we witnessed a few monumental explosions of social media reactions. One over statements made by Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.” The other one was from now former public relations executive Justine Sacco, who made of...

Posted January 13, 2014    

The "Miley Circus" Factor: Transitioning Your Product to a New Audience

There are very few things less interesting to me than Miley Cyrus. On an interest scale ranging from The Location of Carmen Electra’s Latest Tattoo on the high end all the way down to Parenting Tips From That “Kate Plus Eight” Woman, Miley ranks...

Posted September 6, 2013    

Cause Marketing: New Paths for Good Goals

If you asked Donald Trump to describe his business like a board game, he would probably compare it to Monopoly. Then he would buy your mother and tattoo “Trump” on her forehead in bold, gold letters.You and I are a bit more cerebral about our...

Posted June 12, 2012    

How to Lie, Cheat & Steal Your Way to a Bigger Social Graph

No one in my industry is going to like what I’m about to share. I'm not a fan of “buying followers” or trading follows in social media. But if you want quantity and you don’t give a damn about quality, then consider this your guide. In the interest...

Posted January 12, 2012    

Around the World in 7 Minutes -- Finding Great Talent With Your Social Graph

So many people ask me, "Why does it seem like you know everyone?" Well, my friends, that's very much by design. It’s true that I love people and I love being social. But the new-world rolodex (my social graph) is becoming increasingly valuable to...

Posted January 8, 2012