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Should You Kill Your Blog's Comments Section?

There’s a reason that “Don’t read the comments” is such a common mantra around the Internet: it’s because comments sections of blogs and other websites have become breeding grounds for dazzling nastiness, spam and off-topic distractions. It’s become...

Posted April 18, 2014    

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Twitter's New Layout

Twitter is rolling out its new layout and it’s giving brands a chance to perform a quick social media facelift. The platform is a popular way for brands to reach out and engage their audiences, offering followers everything from customer service to...

Posted April 15, 2014    

Yahoo Tunes In to Content Promotion and Distribution with TV Shows

Yahoo is working its way into the television business, but the company doesn’t want to create good TV—just distribute it. It’s a sign that content promotion and distribution are more than good marketing strategy. They’re also good business strategy—...

Posted April 14, 2014    

C.R.E.A.M. (Content Rules Everything Around Me) for Wu-Tang Clan

When it comes to innovative content distribution strategy, Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to mess with. The legendary hip-hop collective is made up of content distribution pioneers, releasing classic albums both together and separately to maximize...

Posted April 1, 2014    

Crossing the Blurry Line of Product Placement: Samsung and the Oscars

Last night, Academy Awards ceremony host Ellen DeGeneres scored a win for herself with the selfie tweeted round the world. The photo–which featured movie stars Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl...

Posted March 4, 2014    

How Chevy's Latest Campaign Embraces #THENEW Era of Digital Personas

Chevrolet recently debuted a hashtag-driven campaign, #THENEW, encouraging Chevy owners to share their definitions of concepts like love, community, success and family via social media. The accompanying 60-second ad, debuting during the Opening...

Posted February 24, 2014    

How Will LinkedIn's New Publishing Platform Change the Media Landscape?

LinkedIn took aim at user-generated content sites by opening its publishing platform to all of its members. Once the domain of just 500 network-designated influencers, the platform is now open for everything from individual professional promotion to...

Posted February 21, 2014