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The Top 5 Mistakes Made When Setting Up Online Advertising (How to Avoid Them)

The day has come when you’ve finally got sign off for that big new advertising campaign you’ve always wanted to run.  You’re eager to take your business to the next level with your great paid search and social advertising plans.  However,...

Posted April 9, 2014    

The Role of Social Media in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has gone from being the future of digital marketing, to the here and now, but where does social media sit within the overall content marketing mix?Our view on social’s role in content marketing is threefold:Social should play a key...

Posted February 18, 2014    

6 Misconceptions About Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is more important than ever in 2014.  If you want your business to succeed on Facebook this year, you’re going to have to start taking advertising seriously.  However, there are still some big misconceptions around...

Posted January 23, 2014    

5 Tools Everyone in Social Media Should Be Using

Social media is becoming more and more of a data game in 2014.  Those in the know can optimize and dominate those who aren't running their campaigns in a data-led way.  Combine this with the ever increasing usage of social, the...

Posted January 16, 2014    

Losing the Hacker Way Is Killing Facebook

As a data-led individual, I was encouraged to read about Facebook’s reasons for slowing the ‘hacker way’ on Wired earlier in the week.  It is definitely a sign of maturity in the company that rollouts are carefully monitored, results poured...

Posted August 9, 2013    

New Facebook Insights Tested and Reviewed

Facebook announced their latest upgrade to page insights on 19th June on their studio blog.  They have stated that this is an attempt to clear up their metrics and to make it much easier for people to find out what’s working on their page...

Posted June 27, 2013    

On Social, Where Should eCommerce Brands Focus?

Ecommerce is booming. Recent figures from the US suggest that by 2016 we’ll be spending $327 billion a year online, while in China annual internet retail spending now tops $190 billion; that’s up 66% year-on-year.There can be little doubt then of...

Posted May 15, 2013    

How to Split Test Your Facebook Content

Split testing is everywhere in the digital world – you name it and it’s being split tested right now.  However, the concept of split testing Facebook posts doesn’t seem to have taken off, and we think it’s about time it did. Like with some of...

Posted March 23, 2013    

ROI vs. Engagement: Quantifying Social Media

Social Media marketers get absolutely obsessed with engagement figures, whether it’s the retweet count on Twitter or the number of +1’s your brand gets. However, likes and other engagement metrics are only half of the story.Let’s study some real...

Posted February 28, 2013