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Is It Time to Jettison Some of Your Social Networks as Worthless?

While most social networks have value to someone, not all will be of value to you and your business.  To be of value they must provide a certain amount of ROI. Whether that ROI is the result of sales, 'likes', new followers and/or fans,...

Posted March 29, 2013    

5 Tips for Developing Company Social Posting Policies

Every company will have specific information it doesn't intend, or ever expect employees, to share on social sites. Information it may have neglected to make absolutely clear to staff. Thus creating a questionable line over which an employee,...

Posted March 12, 2013    

5 Psychological Triggers to Increase Social Engagement

5 Simple Psychological Triggers to Increase Social EngagementIn Robert Greene's best selling book, "The 48 Laws of Power," he provides his interpretation - a word image - of a magnet: "An unseen force (which) draws objects to it, which in turn...

Posted February 27, 2013    

Fan Favorites Can Energize Your Social Network

Before you can effectively utilize social media marketing and social networking to brand and market your business, you must first take steps to create a base of energized followers. Create a solid base of vital followers and you have the foundation...

Posted January 31, 2013