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Mining the Super Bowl with Geofeedia, NetBase and Salesforce Radian6

I meant to write a longer post and watch the Super Bowl on regular Cable TV, but ended up watching in on Geofeedia; I set up a Geofeed (from Geofeedia) 4 days ago along with a NetBase profile to use with my viral emotion filters that I tuned around...

Posted February 4, 2014    

Lack of Processes (or the Wrong Processes) Biggest Problem in Social Media Reporting and ROI

I was thinking about a recent post by a friend, two recent conversations with close friends of mine who work in social media agencies , plus a recent review of my book and the same thing keeps coming up – everyone seems to want to measure Social...

Posted March 26, 2012    

OpenAmplify and Radian6 Insights Integration – Marketing Hype or Analytics Reality?

I have been looking at the OpenAmplify  semantic platform and examining how it may fit into Analytics implementations. How OpenAmplify works is illustrated in the example below OpenAmplify looks interesting and sexy,...

Posted August 14, 2011    

Social Analytics Deliverables Are Still a Conundrum

Last weekend a thought came to me that is not unfamiliar, I have felt it many times before, sometimes stopping to articulate the idea in my mind, but haven’t yet written down, till tonight.   The idea is about Social Analytics process, and...

Posted August 13, 2011    

Google Moves and Other Reports from the Social Media Sphere

I noted it last week but didn’t have a chance to post it – Google bought PostRank Analytics – the price of the deal wasn’t revealed.   It’s one of the acquisition’s I did not expect Google to make but it makes sense as Postrank...

Posted June 8, 2011    

Synthesio Unity Engagement Console

I was given an advanced run though of Synthesio’s new Unity Engagement Console that offers a similar set of capabilities as Radian6′s Engagement Console – but there are some differences and it’s important to point them out.  Alterian SM2 also...

Posted May 14, 2011    

Radian6 Insights Platform and the New Era of Social Listening

Listening to Marcel Lebrun introduce #social2011, starting with a reference to the very ideas I built my Social Media Analytics book on’ the Medium Is the Message ….. McLuhan … The very thing I spoke about at McGraw Hill last week – and that left a...

Posted April 7, 2011    

Influence and Web Journal – March 1-10th, 2011

I read a post on ConversationAgent about mPACT influencer platform, much the same stuff that Gary Lee wrote for my book and that I used for my presentation in London at #socialpr last week, but she adds a point at the bottom which is interesting to...

Posted March 9, 2011    

Two Types of Influencers

I am finding, more and more there is a possibly unreconciled confusion between digital influencers and subjective influence as understood by more traditional  folks used to thinking of influencers in a more journalistic way; both...

Posted March 9, 2011    

On Influence and Klout's Accuracy

Been meaning to comment on an interesting thread about Klout, Trey Pennington and overall influence calculations that have been going on over the last 10 days.  Since I’m in London today, and still on my latest European trip, I haven’t been...

Posted February 20, 2011    

Metrics That Matter vs. Those That Don’t and Web Journal Mid January – Feb 1, 2011

I read K.D. Paine’s post on "Sometimes, metrics that ignore relationships are worse than no metrics at al," citing a weakness of having  measurements program that only crunches numbers while failing to look at the people and the...

Posted February 2, 2011    

Social Media Metrics Influencers – mPACT Analysis

Again, getting my manuscript fine tuned for McGraw Hill is taking much of the time I’d normally post here – hopefully within a few weeks I’ll be able to resume my normal blogging habits.   While preparing for the media blitz around Social...

Posted January 27, 2011    

Some thoughts about Searching and what to use Google for

Occurred to me recently that Google can be, under certain conditions, an excellent tool to categorize sites and media properties with, though I realize it will not work in every case.   I’ll talk alot more about this in my book on Social...

Posted October 29, 2010    

51% of those reached by a company on Twitter are more likely to do business with you.

Interesting statistic and a friend of mine gave me a link to this info-graphic earlier this week.  Do you believe the first point (51% of those reached by a company on Twitter are more likely to do business with you)?

Posted September 24, 2010    

Social Media Scorecard & what Social Media is Good For

I’m working on summarizing tracking Social Media Outreach for the Havana Central Restaurant chain – the same Restaurant chain I did a case study of a few months ago presented at Columbia University Alumni Club.    Up to now we enabled...

Posted August 2, 2010    

Social Habits of Frequent Social Networkers – Edison/Arbitron Study

About 3 weeks ago Edison / Arbitron released a study on the Social Habits of Frequent Social Networkers based on 1753 telephone interviews done in February 2010 from a national random sample of landline and mobile phone consumers. Results of the...

Posted July 11, 2010    

Web Journal and Jeremiah’s Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights

This was a long week and the insights keep piling up – in this case, Jeremiah Owyang’s latest matrix on Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights was posted today and had some pretty perceptive comments in what it said and what left out. I...

Posted June 26, 2010    

Is there any point to doing Sentiment Analysis?

Noticed a blog post by Content Analytics on Why analytics companies should stop focusing on “accuracy” in automated sentiment analysis saying we can't really measure sentiment in text — we can only evaluate how someone is reacting...

Posted May 15, 2010    

Feeling Socially Manipulated by Google Buzz

Webmetricsguru is Marshall Sponder, ed Been on my mind to share what  I'm feeling about Google Buzz, but I wanted to play Buzz a little first,  and also see what everyone else is saying about Google Buzz,  then, use Social Media...

Posted February 13, 2010    

Forresters Blogging patch

Webmetricsguru is Marshall Sponder, ed.  I have never been a fan of  Forrester Research — but  they produce a lot of good research. By the way, have you noticed a lot of the research firms have been acquired  or are...

Posted February 9, 2010