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B2B Pinterest Social Media Marketing: 40 Ideas to Get You Started

Are you interested in using Pinterest as a part of your social media marketing strategy? Fifteen percent of Internet users are on Pinterest, making it almost as popular as Twitter, with 16% of internet users. The visually driven social network is...

Posted March 15, 2013    

Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose?

Let’s say you’re a tour guide. For the sake of this example, you’re in Rome. You take the excited group of participants on a walk and end up in a random piazza. Everyone looks around, squinting at the buildings and studying their surroundings. “...

Posted March 5, 2013    

The Content Curator's Toolbox

I’ve already written about the anatomy of a good content curator, but what does a good content curator use on the job to make life easier? There are many tools designed to help social media managers. I don’t think there is one cure-all tool, however...

Posted February 26, 2013    

What Makes a Good Content Curator?

Part of being a Social Media Manager is culling the infinite sources of the web for the latest news, information, and resources relevant to your industry or target market. As a Social Media Manager, the content you share reflects your competence and...

Posted February 14, 2013