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Who Does Your Company Sound Like? Finding Your Tone in Social Media Writing

“Hey buddy, wassup? What’s shakin’? Anything going on?”“Hello, how are you?”“Good evening, sir. And how are we tonight?”All three of the above statements are essentially conveying the same message, right? However, what makes them vastly different is...

Posted June 5, 2013    

Are You Measuring the Right Metrics? Which Numbers to Watch

We’ve said it over and over again: results rule and metrics matter! In the era of social media, it is truly an exciting time to be working with social tools. The impact of your posts is known almost instantaneously, and you can adjust the next one...

Posted May 22, 2013    

Learning the Latest Language: Digital Fluency

A scant 20 years ago, it was considered extremely advantageous to have a second language. In Canada, French can help secure a job in politics or government; in the United States, Spanish is rapidly becoming the “unofficial second language” of the...

Posted March 6, 2013    

SEO or SEM? Which Will Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

The online marketing world is rife with acronyms. SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC…OMG. It can be difficult to find a starting point for your marketing strategies when you’re lost in the language. With the popularity of our SEO vs SMM double blog post,...

Posted February 27, 2013    

Slackers or Hackers? MTV Fakes a Hacker, but Being Hacked Is No Laughing Matter

Hacking: It happens, and it’s part of the risk you take when you sign up for that first social media account as a business. If you are high-profile enough, there’s a chance that your accounts could be taken over by outside users, or sabotaged by...

Posted February 20, 2013    

Top 5 Things To Know About Pinterest for Businesses

So you want to introduce Pinterest to your social media toolbox, but have no idea how to use Pinterest for business instead of pleasure? You’re not alone. There is a common misconception that this social media website is just for recipes and DIY...

Posted February 13, 2013