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Keep Regulators Away from Google

Keep regulators away from GoogleA consumer watchdog group is calling for increased regulation of Google under federal antitrust law. I feel that is unwise. It would punish risk taking. It would cripple a U.S.-based company. That company...

Posted January 24, 2014    

SEO: What Counts as a High Quality Site?

SEO report from Google webmastersOur site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find “high-quality” sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content. The recent “Panda” change tackles the difficult task of algorithmically assessing...

Posted August 5, 2013    

Too Many Facebook Friends? Here's How To Manage Them

How many Facebook Friends do you have?Is it 1,000? 2,000? 3,000? I have nearly 4,000 Facebook Friends. I used to think this was worth bragging about. I don’t anymore. Instead, I am focusing on filtering my Facebook News Feed. This filtering will...

Posted February 26, 2013