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How to Write Better Homepage Content Than Your Competitors

If you’ve been writing website content for a while then you understand the importance of creating a connection with your visitors as quick as possible. Presenting the answer they were searching for only gets you so far, it takes much more to earn...

Posted November 28, 2013    

How to Build an Email Campaign that Converts

Email marketing can be one of the best strategies employed by your business, but unfortunately effective email campaigns don’t come that easily. Even for seasoned marketers, generating compelling copy isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why we put...

Posted November 14, 2013    

What Can Yahoo Learn From Google?

Earlier this year I noticed an exodus of marketers, techies and PR types flocking towards Google+. Along with their experience and interests they brought conversations, content and insight to the table which helped Google+ reach new heights of...

Posted May 30, 2013    

Twitter Targets Advertisers

In 2010, Twitter announced that it would begin showing advertisements. Up until now, it has allowed people to promote their Tweets or to promote their accounts for the purpose of gaining followers and exposure. In March of 2012, Twitter launched...

Posted May 1, 2013    

What is Your Social Media Strategy Missing?

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone underwater as a kid? First, it doesn’t really work and second, the life guards don’t really appreciate it.Listening to the market is one of the most important things that social media allows us...

Posted April 10, 2013    

Blogs Vs. Big Media

When I think about digital marketing I automatically think of social media, SEO and email.Blogging is still in the back of mind, but I never thought it had the potential to grow into a channel of its own. Bloggers today have the readership,...

Posted March 18, 2013    

Follow the Music: Twitter Wins the Race

We’ve already witnessed some big changes in social media this year and I’m sure there’ll be more to come. Industry leaders are struggling to balance their independence while at the same time trying to branch out and attract diversified segments....

Posted March 14, 2013    

Facebook Slams Twitter: Stonewalling Spurs Social Media Melee

Social media just got more interesting as Facebook stonewalls Twitter’s Vine application from integrating with its own platform. This sparring match first began when Twitter blocked Instagram links from opening directly on its site.Now irked,...

Posted March 1, 2013    

What About Google?

With all this talk about Twitter’s Vine, Facebook’s Graph Search and content being king, I found myself thinking, what about Google? This led to a discussion this morning with a colleague where I was put in a situation where I couldn’t explain the...

Posted February 28, 2013