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Leveraging Google Plus Communities to Market Your Business

Running a Google+ community isn't easy but can be a very rewarding experience. Launched in December, 2012 Google+ communities are proving to be a great way to initiate a conversation about particular interests, groups, or even organization.Google...

Posted February 5, 2014    

5 Ways Social Media Can Promote Your Offline Event

Social media has emerged as an excessively powerful means for promoting an event. Starting from generating interest to building engagement with keen attendees and finally increasing attendance, social media can help in achieving all the targets....

Posted March 12, 2013    

5 Reasons to Use Google Plus Communities for Brand Promotion

We are familiar with how a Facebook Group functions. Most of us are involved in more than one Facebook page pertaining to one's interest or hobby: Google Plus Communities function in a similar fashion. Google Plus Communities were introduced on 6th...

Posted February 17, 2013    

Facebook 'Nearby' Can Benefit Local Businesses

Facebook has an astounding amount of information on what its users like. In December 2012, Google had introduced a new update for the feature known as 'Nearby' in the Facebook App for iOS and Android that makes it easier to discover new places that...

Posted February 16, 2013