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LinkedIn Influencers: Good or Bad for Pharma?

Like many, I was intrigued when LinkedIn first launched its ‘influencer’ blogging programme, back in late 2012. It seemed to be a significant step for the world’s largest professional network in going from being a connector towards a conversation...

Posted April 9, 2014    

What Is Social Media?

Within the pharma industry, and indeed all other industries, there is an abundance of talk about how social media should or could be used for business benefit. A quick Google search alone returns almost 200 million results for “social media” and...

Posted January 10, 2014    

The 3 Letters That Kill Social Media in Pharma

An interview I did recently for an organisation conducting some research into the future of social media use by the pharmaceutical industry prompted me to remind them, and myself, that we should not talk about pharma as a single homogenous beast...

Posted December 10, 2013    

Why Twitter Is Leading the Way in Pharma Social Media

(This post was first published on HealthWorks Collective, a sister site in the SocialMedia Today network)In the very noisy world of social media, where Facebook and LinkedIn are slugging it out in the marketing ring to get big corporates on board,...

Posted October 29, 2013    

Does Pharma Get Social Media?

It is the perennial question that bounces around those of us who work in the pharmaceutical industry. Can an industry as heavily regulated as pharma, and therefore inherently conservative in its external communication, ever really ‘get’ social media...

Posted October 7, 2013